Monday, 13 February 2017

Next Project


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Having a lot of colourful wool left over from my blanket making, I'm trying out a different design, enjoying the random colours within the hexagons which are joined together at the corners as you go along.

I started off by following Sue Pinner's Spinning Top design but my version using a different wool started to look a bit too open and loopy for what I had in mind so I unpicked it back to the spikey round and then converted the circle into a hexagon joining as I went along.

The picture above has been through a cartoon filter so doesn't show the brightness of the colours but it's quite fun isn't it.

There are some great crochet ideas on the internet.



  1. Like the look of the hexagon. Have you decided what it is going to turn into yet? B x

    1. Not sure yet, I'll just press on and see what happens. x

  2. It looks beautiful, I love the idea of a joining as you go.

    1. You can get an idea of where you need a bit more colour and it's much easier. I'm wondering if it's a bit too colourful though . . .