Thursday, 23 February 2017

Farnham Backstreets


Thanks for visiting.

Although I've shown you around Farnham before, I can't resist showing you a few more pretty streets. It's  surprising how narrow and passage-like some of the roads are. You just think you have walked down a dead end, when you notice a small gap which turns into a lane with lovely colourful houses and gardens.  The lanes and roads have great names like Long Garden Walk, Church Passage known as Streaky Bacon Lane, Ball and Wicket Lane, Hoghatch Lane.

St Andrews is one of the largest churches in Surrey

Around the town, a public art trail highlights some of the history of this craft town which might otherwise go unnoticed.

William Cobbett, Author, MP, founder of Hansard was born in the town and is remembered by a bronze statue created by Sheila Mitchell. 

Hidden in a courtyard is a sculpture of The Matriarch by Ben Franklin.

To mark The Queen's Golden Jubilee, this mosaic shows different aspects of the town.

This replica Roman millstone is made from lava and was presented to Farnham by Andernach, a town in Germany, to mark the occasion of the twinning of both towns and is a sign of peace, prosperity and bread.

The North Downs Way long distance footpath

This representation of Drake's ship The Golden Hind by Thomas Elsely of London, is on top of the town hall buildings. There's another weathervane in the Lion and Lamb shopping yard, this time the Mary Rose, Henry VIIIs flagship which was raised at the same time as the shopping centre was built.
As well as some interesting pubs to see, there's also the castle keep to explore on the top of the hill.

Such a pretty name for a pub and on Long Garden Walk too.

Castle keep, lovely views over the town

But I've already mentioned the castle in a previous blog post, see the Farnham label above.

All in all a very pretty town worth a visit.



  1. Another great tour, lovely to see it all.

    1. I'm looking forward to seeing your new area soon.

  2. I love towns with little lanes and hidden squares to explore. Farnham looks lovely and well worth a visit:)

    1. We are so lucky in this country to have all these nooks and crannies. 😊

  3. Replies
    1. It is always to visit a place with a castle or cathedral. x