Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Rivers Round Reading


Thanks for visiting.

When in Reading, it is much quicker to follow the rivers to get from here to there as they weave through the town and pop up when you least expect them.  It's much prettier too and there's always something to spot even if it's just a duck or two hoping for a snack.

I started off at Hobbycraft and picked up the River Kennet nearby

In no time at all, you have arrived at the Oscar Wilde Walk near Reading Gaol, which is now closed again following the art installation that I visited earlier in the year.

Passing the Abbey which is undergoing refurbishment, nothing much seemed to be happening but, as they are not opening it to the public again until 2018,  there's still time to get it safe and spruced up.

Heading through the town to the Kennet riverside at the back of the Oracle, the builders were in revamping the restaurant area to provide more public space for pop-up entertainments plus a Lebanese restaurant.

This are offers another opportunity to see a kingfisher, although I can think of much nicer spots for these continually-hiding-from-me birds.

A dash through the town past the shops and under the railway, you can pick up the River Thames and cross over one of the bridges.

Barges are plodding along.

Taking the path off to the right over the small bridge leads you past View Island and over the weir and emerges at Caversham Lock where a majestic monkey puzzle tree stands out.

Following the river back in the direction you came from but on the other bank, takes you back under Reading Bridge, past the twirly staircase of Thames Water and on the way to the station.

I think it is quite in order to pop to Tutti Frutti on the station concourse for a swift chocolate and caramel cornet, just a small one, as we have covered a few miles with our walk.  A real treat to finish off a lovely walk on a bright, warm day.



  1. I'm so appreciating Reading through your posts Karen. I had no idea there was so much in the way of waterways going through the city. I have vague memories going through Caversham lock with my parents in the late sixties on one of our trips on the Thames. Sadly we never stopped to look round Reading. Probably not as pretty in those days. B x

  2. You have to search for the pretty bits away from the shops, it's all there though. x

  3. Lovely to go along on your walk with you!