Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Jacqueline Poncelet


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Mooching along Edgware Road, you can't help but notice a building covered in colourful tiles. Whatever could it be?

Back home, searching on Google, it turns out to be a 2012 artwork by Jacqueline Poncelet called Wrapper part of the Art on the Underground initiative.  It is made of vitreous enamel and covers the building and perimeter wall of Edgware Road tube station, the designs incorporating elements of local history, nature, people and architecture of the area in which it is situated like leaves from nearby Regents Park, colours of the Tube map, Tyburn stream.

It's difficult to see it all in one go as it is so large and obscured by buildings but that is its charm.

Photo from Ianvisits blog
Jacqueline Poncelet was born in Liege in Belgium in 1947, studied ceramics in Wolverhampton College of Art and the Royal College of Art and became a leader in the international ceramics scene.

I will have to go back and have another look now that I know what I am looking at!



  1. I love this, both the concept and the execution. Thank you for sharing. x

    1. Pleasure. Some people have great ideas and with the patterns having a meaning, there's more there than meets the eye. x

  2. What a lovely idea. Nothing like cheering up a drab bit of London. :) B

    1. It's so random as you can't see all of it at the same time but it really catches your eye. X