Thursday, 3 November 2016

The Mists of Time


Many thanks for calling in, it's always great to know you are there.

Mr CK has recently acquired a bus pass and we thought we'd better give it a test drive. Only 20 minutes from Exeter is the National Trust property Killerton House and Gardens which sounded perfect.

Having set off in the sunshine, the bus driver kindly set us down in the fog in the middle of nowhere fortunately by a sign to the property. We couldn't see a thing.

After crossing the motorway (on a bridge!), the Budlake Post Office came into view with a path next to it to follow. Later in the day we found out that anything painted yellow belonged to the National Trust.

Off we went. Spooky shapes looked like people sitting under the trees.

The dandelion clocks were laden with drops of mist.

Another yellow building marked the entrance to the property.

As we climbed up the hill, the fog lifted giving us fantastic views of the countryside with drtifts of fog at the bottom.

The sun's rays poured down, so visible.

Then we came across a frame to give that extra special something to an extra special day.




  1. Sounds amazing, what a great trip. I loved the frame.

    1. The frame was brilliant, it would be good to go back one day and see the countryside that was hidden in the mist behind it.

  2. You must have wondered where on earth you were! Thank heavens the mists lifted and you were able to see those views:)

    1. Exactly! Good job the bus driver was so helpful but it was so pretty in the end. :-)