Monday, 21 November 2016

Christ Church Oxford


Thanks for joining me for a whirl round Oxford.

Emerging from the city centre at Christ Church Meadows near the River Thames, I noticed that Christ Church College was open for public viewing. How fantastic! Let's go in.

You have to keep your eyes open for all the beautiful details.

The cloister, as well as the Cathedral , was part of the original priory of St Frideswide which was on the site in 8AD.

Walking up the staircase towards the Great Hall conjures up a picture of wizards as this particular staircase was filmed as part of Hogarts in the first Harry Potter film.

Above the door leading to the Great Hall was a portrait of one of the Deans, Eric Liddell whose daughter Alice was immortalised by Lewis Carroll in Alice in Wonderland. Carroll, real name Charles Dodgson, studied and taught at Christ Church. The portraits are of famous people from Christ Church including 6 of the 13 prime ministers educated there, Charles Dodgson and Henry VIII who refounded the College after the fall of Thomas Wolsey who had set up the college as Cardinal College in 1525, first as King Henry VIIIs college in 1532 and then as Christ Church in 1546.


Tom Quad is named after the six ton bell, Great Tom, that hangs in Christopher Wren's Tom Tower.

The Cathedral is magnificent with beautiful stained glass windows.

The Jonah window by Abraham van Linge 1630s

St Frideswide Window Edward Burne Jones 1858

St Frideswide, patron saint of Oxford

Stone vault 1500

St Catherine Window Edward Burne Jones 1878 - the face of the central figure is a portrait of Edith Liddell, sister to Alice.

The College continues through Peckwater Quad.

The Library.

So much to see and enjoy. What a fabulous place to study.



  1. How wonderful! I love to know who studied or worked at these places, so many well known and influential people have passed through those doors and walked along those corridors:)

    1. I do too! I've only selected a couple of famous names though, there's so many each year! x

  2. Love the Jonah window. You certainly got to see such a lots of beautiful buildings while visiting Oxford. B x

    1. My photo could have been a bit clearer but the colours were beautiful, in fact all the windows were spectacular, but they should be, shouldn't they!x