Saturday, 19 November 2016

A Spectacular Place


Thanks for visiting.

Oxford is a beautiful place, packed full of history.  I usually make a bee-line for art galleries but on this occasion I decided on the Oxford University Museum of Natural History.

Here we are outside the Neo-Gothic building which first opened in 1860. Looks impressive. Not long ago we visited Killerton House near Exeter which was the home of the Acland family and coincidentally Henry Acland was the person that campaigned for the land in Oxford to establish the Museum, the style of which was very much influenced by his life-long friend John Ruskin. Architects Deane and Woodward won the design competition and Francis Skidmore worked on the metalwork.

There are all sorts of details carved into the stonework round the door.

Inside, up the stairs to another door.

Through the door and wow! How spectacular. It's so light and airy. The glass roof had been restored in 2013.  Everywhere you look were fantastic metalwork details.

Exhibits including dinosaur, dodo and other animal skeletons, geological specimens, insects, a bee hive and so much more were beautifully displayed. The first floor has a café and gallery space with great views over the exhibits and allows you to marvel at the detail of the roof.

All the pillars had different metal flowers and plants attached, reminiscent of those on Great Malvern railway station.

Columns of rock found all over the UK were adorned with beautifully carved capitals, the name and place of where the rock had come from was inscribed  at the base. All the different coloured rock was so exciting.

This building is also famous for being where Darwin's Origin of Species was discussed by Bishop Wilberforce and Thomas Huxley.

If that weren't spectacular enough, joining onto the Museum is the Pitt-Rivers Museum of Archaeology and Ethnography. It's just crammed full of exciting things.

It's no good, you'll just have to go and have a look yourself! Amazing!



  1. Wow. I've never been. That roof looks amazing. Can't wait to go :) B x

    1. It's totally amazing! Definitely worth a visit. x

  2. I really enjoyed both those museums, too. would love to visit again one day:)

    1. I can't think how I have missed them and not been before. I'll definitely have to go again as I was too busy going wow at the building to take all the exhibits in! :-)