Sunday, 16 October 2016

The Thames at Reading


So nice to see you.

Picking up the path along the River Thames not far from the back entrance of the railway station, you soon come across Christchurch Bridge, the year-old pedestrian and cycle bridge and cross it I did!

Apparently, it looks beautiful at night when the 234 LED lights are illuminated, 39 of which can be colour programmed. Situated between Reading's two road bridges in Christchurch Meadows, it is a useful link for those living in Caversham to get to the station and takes those from Reading to the other side of Fry Island, where a number of barges are moored, included one called R. G. Bargee!

This tree was rather spectacular.  Do you know what it is?  Look at those dangly seeds.

As I was close to Caversham Court Gardens, I checked out the Autumn views.

Such a pretty place.



  1. What a beautiful walk. Love the bridge, it would be good to see it at night. I have many happy memories of boating on the Thames in my teens. Locks were always great fun. B x