Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Palace to Palace


Thanks for calling in.

Sunday marked the 10th Palace to Palace cycle ride in support of the Princes's Trust. Riders start at Buckingham Palace heading for Windsor Castle, passing Richmond Park and Hampton Court Palace along the 45 mile route (there's a 90 mile version for the super fit too). Over £2.5 million has been raised since the launch for the charity which helps disadvantaged young people into work. It costs £2,000 to support each person on the scheme.

Number one son has done several of these long distance rides before. This time he limped to the start line with a blown inner tube but he didn't need to worry as the Bike Doctor fixed it and he was off.

Cycling along at 13 miles an hour, he arrived safely at the finish line at Windsor Racecourse in time to join me for a picnic lunch in the sun.

The Racecourse is on an island and an ideal place to finish the race as there is plenty of space for parking and room for the marquees full of refreshments.

Of course there are people and bikes everywhere but as I entered the racecourse, I could hear someone calling my name and there was a friend I hadn't seen for years! Fancy that!

Luckily my Cyclist got a coach back to London and didn't have to cycle back.

Maybe you might enjoy taking part next year.



  1. What a lovely thing to do in such a good cause. Well done to your son :) B

  2. Oh congratulations to him, what a star! I would love this but who am I kidding, I am definitely not fit enough! Ah yes, fancy seeing your friend too - what a bonus xx

    1. Incredible to see her amongst so many people! I wouldn't be able to cycle all that way either! x