Tuesday, 20 September 2016



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The market town of Dorking, nestling in the North Downs in the Surrey Hills, has all sorts of interesting places to explore, from the hills, the vineyard, antique shops, trails, caves, open areas, exciting-what's-over-there? places.

 Of course there are also a few unusual things too.

There's the famous five-toed Dorking chicken, first mentioned in AD 100 in Roman times which can come in a range of colours from white, red, silver grey, cuckoo - a blue/grey striped and a darker one.  You find cockerels popping up everywhere! There's even a 10 ft tall one made from steel and zinc on a roundabout welcoming visitors to the town. It took 10 months to make by Peter Parkinson and was modelled on a real chicken - Glen Two. Here's an article with more details.

Hoarding hiding some building work

10 ft Dorking Cockerel in the middle of the roundabout

Small chicken at the shops

Then there's a spot of yarn bombing around the town. The giant Cockerel can often be found sporting accessories like a knitted traffic cone or recently a crown to mark the Queen's 90th birthday, but not when I visited. The Knit and Knatter Group at the Fluff-o-torium have made several outfits for it in the past.

The Fluff-o-torium shop

Unusual knitted butterflies

What a pretty tree!

Here's the mysterious door to the caves, right in the middle of the town - haven't seen them though!

This roundabout marks the fact that London 2012 Olympic cycling races took place at Box Hill not far away.

There's a great Heritage Trail round the town, with signs with chickens on of course. I nearly missed this commemorative archway.

Grant Allen was a science writer and feminist born on Wolfe Island, Ontario who lived in the town.

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  1. I love it when a town has a heritage trail. More place seem to be doing them. Love the leafy metalwork. B x

    1. They might as well make the most of their assets, then people might stop off for a coffee and spend some money there. x

  2. What an interesting post ... I should try and visit one day.

    All the best Jan

    1. It's one of those places with all sorts of things hidden away. Too many cars though.

  3. Great post! Dorking looks a fascinating place and I love the chickens and the commemorative archway. I've enjoyed my visit to the town with you:)

    1. I'm so pleased, thanks Rosie. There's still a bit more to investigate, I'll have to see how you get into the caves! :-)