Thursday, 11 August 2016

Stratford upon Avon and the RSC


How lovely to see you!

William Shakespeare died on 3rd May 1616, just over 400 years ago so there have been many special events to mark the occasion.  We decided to stop off at Stratford-upon-Avon to have a look around as it's been years since we visited.

If you haven't been before, no doubt you will be expecting some quaint , half-timbered houses and you won't be disappointed. Even Shakespeare's birthplace still stands near the shops and you can go in and investigate.  We decided not to but did take a peek into the pretty garden next to it (the top two photos of the mosaic). Down by the river, there's a statue of the Bard himself high up looking over the town with some of his famous characters to keep him company including Falstaff and Lady Macbeth.

Behind him, next to the beautiful bridges over the Avon is a large piazza filled with colourful hanging baskets and hundreds of people - there's plenty of room for all the visitors and at the far end is the fantastic building of the Royal Shakespeare Company.  Redeveloped and reopened in 2011, it mixes the old and the new and is a great place to explore even if you aren't there to watch a play in one of the two theatres or have a meal in the rooftop restaurant.

I enjoyed looking at the costumes on display and, of course, my cup of coffee and half a salted chocolate caramel tart.

There were some interesting costume facts displayed by the tables such as the brillo pad wigs used by Lady Macbeth!
The 50p chain ferry ride across the river made us feel as if we were on a cruise as we glided past the swans, well for about two minutes until we reached the other side where the car was parked next to the cricketers playing in the field.



  1. lovely place stratford, we went on a family trip there with my nan a couple of months before she died, it was the last place we ever went with her.
    It is a beautiful place steeped with history and for me at least happy memories of loved ones no longer with us

    1. I'm so glad my post brought back those happy memories for you.

  2. It looks wonderful! Love those timber-framed houses and all the history. Lovely gardens and your tart sounds tasty, too. I love ferry rides :) x K

    1. It was very busy but still retained its charm. x