Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Rainbows on Flower Wednesday


Thanks for calling in, nice to see you.

It seems ages since I've been for a walk round the park on the way to the shops. What would I find today?

The postnatal exercise class was warming up in the car park, maybe the babies were kicking their legs in their respective prams, I couldn't see.  All the trees are fully covered in leaves making it quite shady as I walked round the path on a beautiful summer morning.  A pigeon balanced precariously on the bridge over the lake, eyeing the ducks' bread down below.

The flowers are blooming in the borders.

The rainbow was quite large today as the wind was blowing the spray from the fountain across the lake.

Just a few clouds in the sky.

The single cygnet is still going strong.

Inside the Arts Centre, they are getting ready for the next theatrical production - Peter Pan.

What a refreshing walk!

Glad you could join me on Flower Wednesday for the link-up with Riitta.



  1. Great photos Karen. The white and pink Echinaceas are super and I envy those who have them. They do not want to thrive in my garden. Have a lovely day.

    1. Thanks Riitta. I so enjoy seeing all the beautiful photos on your Flower Wednesday link up. Have fun.

  2. Sounds and looks like you had a delightful walk. So many gorgeous flowers. Silly pigeon they think with their stomachs! Loving how your first photo looks like a painting.
    Have a wonderful Wednesday :)

    1. Thanks. Every now and then Google makes me a surprise photo with various effects and this one turned up just at the right time! You too!

  3. What lovely rainbow photos. Those borders look stunning with their late summer colour. B x

  4. Lovely rainbow, how beautiful. I love the pink and white echinaceas in the borders:)

  5. It looks like a lovely walk to take. x