Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Open Gardens


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Here in the Thames Valley, an Open Gardens scheme is run each year to raise money for the Thames Valley Air Ambulance.

The charity provides a life-saving service to patients where and when they need it. Their doctor and paramedic crews can deliver a fast, advanced level of critical care at the roadside or other area. They treat an average of three people a day.  Each helicopter mission costs £2,500, there is a full range of medical equipment on board and they operate 365 days a year -  it is very costly to keep going.

As it only runs through charitable donations and support, the Open Garden scheme is a great idea.  It raised over £55,000 in 2015. Over 60 gardens, from large estates to private back gardens, open their gates for a Saturday or Sunday afternoon throughout the Summer charging £4 entrance and providing refreshments as well.

The scheme for this year is coming to an end now but I visited Wellington College recently when they opened their doors for the scheme.

I'll show you a few photos tomorrow.



  1. A brilliant cause to raise money towards. Looking forward to your photos x

  2. A very clever idea to raise money for an essential cause...Gardens are good for the soul...Here in Houston, our two level I trauma centers are neighbors..I worked at one of them for 30 years..We saw about 500-600 patients a month, as did our neighboring center..Many of the injured were brought in by Life Flight..

    1. That's a lot of patients to deal with. Incredible really. We are all so lucky to have these life saving facilities.

  3. Ooh look forward to seeing the Wellington photos x

  4. Ooh look forward to seeing the Wellington photos x