Monday, 8 August 2016

Mosaic Monday - The Garden this week


Welcome to the blog!

Mosaic Monday has now flown over to France as we join Maggie at Normandy Life for the link-up.

My mosaic shows our garden delights this week.  The marigolds have finally opened, their seeds were planted earlier this year from those gathered from our plants last year so they are a combination of French and African marigolds, doing their own thing in yellow or orange.

The Millennium rose is flowering again, whilst the pale pink bud of the Queen of Sweden is just about to open.

Our Amythest beans have been a triumph this year. The chillies are getting hot, hot, hot in all their many colours. Heathers are looking great next to the froth of Alchemilla mollis.  Geums are regenerating, Eucomis is fully open, bees are visiting the blue pom-poms and red berries have taken over from  the yellow Hypericums.

Mr CK has been busy chopping wood ready for the winter, look at all those lovely stripes as it dries in the sun.

Isn't summer wonderful!



  1. Lovely mosaic of your garden flowers and how wonderful to have a wood pile ready for the colder weather:)

    1. We don't really want to think about cold weather yet though - hope it stays as way for a while! :-)

  2. Your mosaic is a real palette of brights. Lovely. My beans have struggled this year with black fly grrr. B x

    1. That's a shame. Our beans have been! fine but the green tomatoes seem to be rotting before turning red, such a pity. x