Tuesday, 5 July 2016

ENGAGE With Art at the Park


Bags of excitement! The park by the shops had a special weekend event called ENGAGE with Art with 27 local artists displaying mainly 3D art interspersed with pieces made by students and users of the Art Centre.

Today, I'll show you some of the indoor exhibits and tomorrow, the outdoor ones, all responding to the location.

By Louise Anderson Ministry of Works - Butterfly Type Plan

Pene Murgatroyd Piano Keys

Lam Ly The House Is In - this is an interactive sound and sculpture piece, as you walk past the sensors, you hear a clicky sound meant to resemble applause.

Lucy Ryan Garden Supper - you might be able to make out the references to the park written on the plates and coasters. Birdsong and gentle outdoor summery noises accompanied the work.

Charlotte McClelland Trying to Keep Warm - a collage made from out of date flyers showing how ephemeral performance is.

The following work was made by people that use the Arts Centre, including Dorn Share who made the first two stained glass pieces.

Large quilts

You can see what a wide range of activities are available at the Arts Centre set in such a beautiful building. The various departments were also open to have a look round and have a go.

Ceiling window in the print department

Printing press

Recital Room

I'll be back tomorrow with some more exhibits.



  1. What a really interesting exhibition, I love the idea of the applause as you walk by. The stained glass windows are fab xx

    1. It would be nice to have the sculpture in the kitchen and every time you took something out of the oven, the applause started!

  2. What a wonderful exhibition. I love the butterfly window and the birdsong supper table as well as the stained glass with the ladies in hats:)

    1. I liked the way they all had something to do with the park as well. :-)

  3. Some really interesting pieces, especially liked the stained glass!

    1. They look great dangling in the light of the window, such good ideas.