Monday, 4 July 2016

Carnival Windows


If you popped in for Five on Friday this week, you will have seen all our village's shop windows decorated for the carnival.

I listened to the results of the shop window competition, the mayor on the stage, the MP in the crowd and was flabbergasted! I hadn't even seen the first and second prize winners!

Off I went with the camera.

Here it is, the winning entry. I know I couldn't see what I was looking at either! It's a dragon, made painstakingly with individual leaves. Fortunately there was a storyboard of how they had made it. The sun was too strong to see.


Second was this Audrey Hepburn inspired one.

Dress shop

The sweet shop was third (on my other post).

I also noticed this tissue paper Nessie in the card shop. He looks as surprised as me!

Card shop



  1. Great to see the winning windows! Hope you had a great time at the carnival!

    1. Thanks, it was quite good fun. That's it for another couple of years. x

  2. Ha Flabbergasted is such a great word - I love the idea of you trotting off to find the winners - two blog posts instead of one, that is a perfect win -win for you all!!
    Have a lovely week, Karen.
    Wren x

    1. Ha ha I really ought to get a better photo of the window, that would give me yet another post to share! x

  3. Oh wow I love the Audrey Hepburn inspired one, its fab! x

    1. There were some very smart outfits there, all black and white, a great idea. x