Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Carnival Flower Festival - Flower Wednesday


Thanks for popping in.

I've been wondering whether to include this post in Riita's Flower Wednesday today as the flowers aren't actually growing and aren't in close-up but hopefully you will enjoy them anyway. Do follow the link to see all the other glorious flowers.

Our village Carnival celebrations have been brought to a close by the Flower Festival.  Also based on the Myths and Legends theme, the displays were made by flower arrangers from various local churches, schools, societies and clubs with donations being asked for The Alexander Devine Children's Hospice.

I'll let you enjoy the flowers.

El Dorado

St George and the Dragon

Rainbow - Crock of Gold

Pheonix Rising from the Ashes

St Christopher

King Canute

Christmas myths

St Patrick

Song of Solomon


Robert the Bruce

Daedalus and Icarus

The Lady of Shalott

Humpty Dumpty

Some great ideas and nicely done. This is just a selection of displays and I was surprised that they still looked so fresh considering this was the third and final day for viewing.

It was well attended and it looked like a considerable amount had been collected for the charity.

Bye for now.


  1. What a gorgeous display of flowers. I bet the church smelt wonderful :)

    1. How awful, I didn't notice the smell! It certainly looked great and must have taken ages to put together. :-)

  2. This is an amazing post Karen, glad that you shared! Flowers need not be growing :) Great flower arrangements in your beautiful church!

    1. Glad you approve Riitta! So many beautiful flowers to see :-)

  3. Oh wow there are so many brilliant ideas in here! They are so pretty x

    1. There were nicely arranged, some beautiful blooms indeed. x