Sunday, 31 July 2016

How's the Garden?


I thought I'd better give you a break from Museums and Art Galleries today, although there are a few more to come!!! I' m not sure how we managed to pack so much into our four days, especially with the Graduation as well.

With all our travelling about, Mr CK was keeping his fingers crossed that the automatic watering system was behaving itself and that the next-door neighbour hadn't been flooded! Absolutely no need to worry! With temperatures up to 33°C, the chillies would have really succumbed to the drought if it hadn't worked.

Everything looked so pretty.

Over at the Park, the flowers were also doing well.

Our vegetables are ticking along nicely, but no red tomatoes yet.

Let's go mad and have a mosaic!


Saturday, 30 July 2016

Anya Gallaccio


Nice of you to drop by.

I have only recently come across Anya Gallaccio.  The Whitworth Gallery in Manchester has recently installed one of her works. A stainless steel tree. Before the redevelopment of the Whitworth a 3D scan was made of the site which included the London plane trees there.  One of the line of plane trees had died and had been removed leaving a gap. Gallaccio created a stainless steel ghost-of-a-tree to mark the space using the 3D data collected.

She is a British minimalist artist born in 1963 creating site specific installations.  She uses organic matter for her work like flowers, fruit, vegetables, ice or chocolate - things which degrades over time. It might start out looking great but changes over time.  The work stays in the memory of those that see it as it is difficult to document because it is constantly changing.

Red on Green consisted of 10,000 roses on stems gradually decaying. 

Photo from the internet
There is a short video on the Jupiter Artland website showing the Red on Green installation being made as well as her grotto there called The Light Pours Out of Me made from amethyst, obsidian and hornbeem trees.

Preserve Beauty, which was produced when she was nominated for the Turner Prize in 2003, was a wall of red gerberas behind a single sheet of glass.

Photo from internet

Photo from internet

Back at the Whitworth, another of her works has been recently acquired on loan from Thomas Dane - Red Door with Handle where the trapped gerberas are slowly decaying as the time passes.


Friday, 29 July 2016

Five on Friday -Whitworth Gallery, Manchester


Thanks for visiting.

I, too, have been visiting.  I was determined to pop into the Whitworth Gallery in Manchester this time as previously there hadn't been any!  It won the 2015 Art Fund Museum of the Year after its £15 million redevelopment. So here's five things I spotted whilst pottering through.

One - Tibor Reich

Born in Hungary to family of Jewish textile industrialists, Tibor Reich developed a love of colour and studied architecture, textile design and technology in Vienna but with the rise of Nazism had to leave and enrolled at Leeds University, a leading centre for textile research. He set up Tibor Ltd in Stratford on Avon creating his distinctive range of colourful woven and printed textiles. The exhibition of his work celebrating his centenary, included many familiar fabrics and ceramics from post war years also a video showing how he made his designs by taking photos of nature, cutting them up and rearranging the pieces to develop the patterns for screen printing.

Two - Building

The new part of the gallery was added to the 127 year old building, creating interesting exhibition spaces. Some displays can even be viewed from outside the building through the glass. The parkland outside very much feels as if it is part of the gallery seen through small windows displaying it like a painting.

I'll tell you about the tree here in a separate blogpost

Three - Hampers

I rather like the idea of their Art Hampers. You can pick up a hamper and fill it with any of the art supplies provided - paper, pencils, art ideas etc. - take it off and get creative. Free when the gallery is open - just return the hamper when you have finished.

Four - A Walk in the Park

Whitworth Park, full of wild flowers and wildlife, also contains a number of sculptures, including one of Emily Young's Maremma Warrior Heads. There's an art garden designed by Sarah Price a Chelsea gold medallist within the building.

By Emily Young
The Outsider/The Insider by Simon Periton

Five - Café

Look at my chicken sandwich!  How fantastic is that!  Full of herbs and flavour, the salad with it was spectacular and delicious all in one go.  The Modern Caterer delivers a seasonal menu and homemade cakes in a café within the trees as there are floor to ceiling windows.

We're linking with Amy for the last Five on Friday before the summer. Enjoy your holidays everyone!


Thursday, 28 July 2016

Imperial War Museum of the North


Thanks for calling in.

Another interesting aluminium-clad building on the Salford Quays is the Imperial War Museum of the North (IWM) one of five Museums around the country connected under the IWM name. Designed by Daniel Libeskind, it opened to critical acclaim in 2002. It represents three interlocking shards - Earth, Air and Water, each representing a separate piece of a globe shattered by conflict. The building has been designed to be intentionally confusing and disorientating to communicate the unsettling effect of war.

Inside, the vast space contains a permanent collection, temporary exhibition space, café and shop. The walls of the main gallery are used to show an audio visual presentation every hour, whilst large items - tanks, harrier jump jet and other vehicles - are interspersed with areas exhibiting smaller more personal things.

Some of the displays were particularly striking, like this room of filing cabinets, each drawer containing details from one person's life with a photo projected to the underside.

This stylised room of Impressions of War.

This arch of cases representing the displacement of people due to war.

Photos of soldiers, reflected in the metal cladding.

A very interesting and thought provoking place.

Admission free.


Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Paint Monthly - L.S. Lowry


Rather late in the day, I'm joining Barbara at Coastal Ripples for the Paint Monthly link-up.

Having just visited the University of Salford where Laurence Stephen Lowry studied (at that time it was known as Salford Royal Technical Institute), I thought his work would be a good subject to choose.  Born in 1887, he always considered himself a self-taught painter, despite spending many years studying art in the evenings whilst working as a rent collector and clerk in Manchester. He painted his surroundings, particularly Pendlebury and is mainly known for his townscapes and Street scenes, although he did paint many other subjects. He was elected a Royal Academician in 1962 and died in 1976.

The first two paintings came from Art UK's website

Market Scene Northern Tower 1939

An Organ Grinder 1934

Ebbw Vale 1960 - We saw this picture in the Herbert in Coventry 

There are quite a few reminders of Lowry in the area.  This statue of him is in Sam's Chop House in Manchester where he used to visit. Incidentally, a great place to eat!

Corned Beef Hash

In June, Cilla Black's Lowry collection sold for nearly £700,000 and in 2014 one painting sold for £2.3 million.

Although the people in his paintings are often referred to as matchstick men, when seen close up, there is a lot more detail and colour to the figures. The buildings are very precise and the scenes evocative of the time.

Bye for now.

Tuesday, 26 July 2016

TV Buildings Salford Quays Style

Hello again!

Thanks very much for visiting.

When the BBC moved into Media City in Salford five or so years ago, the exciting brand new site sparkled next to the Manchester Ship Canal offering state of the art facilities.  ITV Granada followed a couple of years later and the sets for Coronation Street were given a new home. The site still sparkles now.

Window cleaners

Blue Peter Studios

Blue Peter garden - filming in progress

Looking down on the new Coronation Street set

We always enjoy a stroll around the area, you never know who you might bump into at the shops or cafés! There are all sorts of watersports to have a go at or if that's too energetic there's an outlet mall or a large screen TV - just pull up a deckchair on the green or plaza and relax!