Thursday, 16 June 2016

Park Puddles and Resignation


Thank you for calling in, it makes my day to know you will be dropping in to pass the time.

In true English fashion, the weather is the topic of discussion at the moment especially with tennis at Queens and the horse racing at Ascot taking place this week. It's been raining and the plastic poncho manufacturer's profits must be soaring high unlike the sun.

Around the Park, life goes on despite the wet.

The rain just got heavier and heavier until I my feet were squeaking in my shoes. What you can't see in my photos are the class of schoolchildren larking about by the lake with nets, discovering.  Their friends huddled under the large tree had to halt their game on the grass and shelter, chattering excitedly.

The wildlife was also hiding, you wouldn't know they were there. The tiny cygnet stuck its head deep under its Mum as the grass cutter drove noisily by, the fisherman fished out another sandwich.

The café was warm and bustling.

No time to stop today, things to buy.



  1. It isn't fun when your shoes are squelching and squeaking is it! Hope you stay dry today!

    1. I wouldn't exactly call it fun . . .x

  2. You don't mind a bit of rain this time of year but hopefully the sun will come out tomorrow. Poor school children, although I expect they made the best of it :) B x

    1. It's still raining now! Arrgh! The children seemed to be enjoying themselves nonetheless. x