Thursday, 2 June 2016



Are you wet? I am! What a day. Sorry to disillusion everyone out there but England isn't a land of sun, blue skies and warmth. I toyed with the idea of shopping first before stopping at the Park by the Shops, but I'm so glad I didn't as the rain just got worse and worse. It's probably because it's half term.

Usually when it's rainy, the colours of plants stand out more, so I had barely stuck my leg out of the car, when the camera was snapping!

A cheeky chappie!

The windy path looked inviting.


Stars of the show. Very Vincent van Gogh!

Sneaky red rose

Finally the swans are off the nest and relaxing on the lawn with just one ball of fluff between them. I couldn't spot any further cygnets.


There aren't that many babies this year, just the odd one here and there. Could it be the weather?

I was totally glad to be back home in the warm and dry. No tennis on the TV though, it seems Roland Garros is just as wet as me.



  1. It looks nice whatever the weather xx

    1. I always find something good there but taking photos holding a brolly is a challenge! x

  2. Shame about the rain. We haven't had any for ages but I expect it is on the way. Lovely photos of the park. I've been photographing flag irises today:)

    1. Lucky you, it's still very cloudy and cold here. I look forward to seeing your irises . :-)

  3. Oh no it isn't very often that we have nicer weather up north, but it really hasn't been too bad up here- sorry lovely! Lovely pictures, especially the new one of you in your side bar - hello!! X

    1. Lucky you, it's supposed to be better on Sunday but it's still really cold. Hello back! x