Thursday, 30 June 2016

Flying High


Have you ever wondered how to celebrate your anniversary? A nice meal? A trip to the theatre?  Next time how about a spot of indoor skydiving!

Watching the participants suspended in the wind tunnel (imagine one that could be used for testing the aerodynamics of an F1 racing car turned sideways) as they tried to steady themselves in the air column created by the fan, was great fun.  The tunnel is 20m high - maximum flying height is 11.9m.  All you have to do is lean forward and your legs are lifted up to put you into the horizontal flying position.

Protected by flying suits, helmets and goggles, the flyers await their turn with an instructor but can watch others having a go to get some tips or the instructors' display as they speed around with ease.

The first go gives you an idea of the basics and a second turn allows more time to learn how to move up and down, spin or even to be whooshed to the top of the tunnel with the instructor holding on.

Great fun to watch! Ha ha!

Airkix also have facilities to learn how to ski, brush board and climb and have facilities in Manchester, Milton Keynes and Basingstoke in the UK.

I'm sure you will be keen to give it a try!


Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Flower Wednesday


It's Flower Wednesday on Riitta's blog this week, so here are a few wildflowers that were in a small clump of grass by the River Test.  The bright colours of the poppies, cornflowers and daisies called to me from the other side of the path. I had to investigate.

Wonderful to see the wildflowers dotted around keeping the insects going and helping them do a good job.

Follow the link to see more.




Many thanks for calling in.

It's always nice when you have visitors to take them to interesting places and show them the sights.  First off we stopped at Whitchurch in Hampshire which is on the River Test, a fast flowing crystal-clear river over chalk.  Settlements date from 400 BC.

The Town Hall

The Red House Pub for a spot of lunch

Whitchurch Silk Mill is one of four mills built in the area - paper, grain and wool were the other types. The silk mill still makes small amounts of silk for costumed productions these days and is in a beautiful setting with the waterwheel used to run the looms. Surrounded by the river and ponds, the ducks and fish seem to take you back through the centuries. It is open to the public, has a café and shop.

Silk mill and waterwheel at the end of the river

Work in progress
Lord Denning, Master of the Rolls used to live in the village as did Richard Adams of Watership Down fame.

The paper mill at Laverstoke just a couple of miles away, now houses the Bombay Sapphire gin distillery which I wrote about here and here.  As the sun was out, I couldn't resist a few more photos.

Raspberry Refresher

Feel free to look back at my links for more information about the Thomas Heatherwick restored papermill and the distillery visit.

Definitely a beautiful area of the country!


Monday, 27 June 2016



Thanks for calling in.

Strolling down Eton High Street, just outside Windsor, our noses twitched at the delicious fudgey scent coming from the Eton Fudge Shop.

A large 'baguette' of fudge was cooling on the marble slab before being chopped up and popped into stripy orange and white paper bags. Deciding on which flavour to try is difficult:

Eton Mess, Hot Cross Bun, Lemon Meringue, Cherry Bakewell, Ginger, Chocolate, Banoffee, Butterscotch, Coffee & Cream, Clotted Cream, Cream Egg, Irish Cream, Maple Syrup, Mini Egg, Peanut Butter, Seasalt, Rum & Raisin

Which would you choose?  Yum

Another discovery was a sculpture of The Queen with her corgis in Bachelor's Park in the centre of Windsor.

Bye for now.

Sunday, 26 June 2016

West Green


We're having a wonderful family time at the moment which is happily distracting me from the blog, for which I apologise. Normal service will resume shortly! Well, as normal as it normally is!  In the meantime, I couldn't resist taking a few more photos at West Green when we popped back after all the rain, hoping to see the peonies. However, they were a big soggy mess but fortunately there were plenty of other more resilient plants to entertain us. Note to self - go back next June to catch the peonies!

Blue passion flowers

Stripy amaryllius

Lacey hydrangea


Wild orchids

Tiered primulas in orange and pink



And more roses

Aliums gone space age


There be dragons

Grassy lawns
You can see why I couldn't resist.

Bye for now

Saturday, 25 June 2016



Thanks for all your messages yesterday, it was great to hear from you.

Here's a slice of quiche to keep you going until I'm able to get back to the blog.

Have fun

See you soon

Friday, 24 June 2016

Five on Friday - Music


Thank you for calling in.  Do follow the link to Amy's Love Made My Home blog to find the Five on Friday extravaganza for this week.

One - Spider Silk Violin

Luca Alessandrini, a postgraduate student at the Dyson School of Design Engineering at Imperial College, has created a violin made of silk, incorporating three strands of golden spider silk from an Australian Golden Orb spider.  Spider silk is one of the strongest materials in the world which resonates to signal to spiders that a prey has been caught. Using the silk in the violin allows the acoustics to be customised to achieve the required sound of the violin. It certainly sounded good on the Radio. Here's a link with more information.

Two - The Proms

Every year when the Proms begin at the Royal Albert Hall in London, I think it can't be that time of year already! Well, Prom 1 is on 15th July and 90 concerts will follow until 10th September when the Last Night of the Proms and Proms in the Park take place. You can buy tickets now or just turn up on the night and queue (Promming) for standing tickets at only £6 each.  For the first time this year, some Promming tickets will be on sale online on the day. It's a good fun experience if you live nearby and like classical music but some concerts are shown on TV.

Three - Glastonbury

We've had so much rain that the organisers of the famous Glastonbury Festival, this weekend's celebration of music headlined by Adèle, asked people not to come early as the site is so muddy that two of the three car parks are closed causing an eleven hour traffic jam. Nightmare!

Four - Animation

This is a lovely short animation.

Five -  I'll let you sing your own song as I can't think of a fifth item! Altogether now, One, two, three, GO . . . ha ha

Have a good week