Sunday, 8 May 2016



Just to finish off my latest trip to Windsor, here are a few random photos behind the scenes.

It must be warmer in Windsor than where I live as the wisterias were all starting to bloom.  I had to have a mooch around the town to see what was around. It's surprising what you find.

The firestation had been turned into an Arts Centre.

A house had this plaque on the wall.

This second hand shop had some interesting tiles.

Carluccios lured me in for a hot chocolate and a bread tin.

The whitebeams looked spectacular as the leaves had just opened in that special green and corrugated way that they do. The wind was swishing them about too much to get a decent shot.



  1. Thank you for sharing your Windsor posts with us, it certainly looks as if you had a wonderful day. xx

    1. I don't leave the house unless the sun is it!! x

  2. I'm coming over to join you for a Carluccios hot chocolate and a visit - you find all the best things!
    Wren x