Thursday, 28 April 2016

Emily Young


Thanks for popping in!

I love the Angel sculptures by Emily Young outside St Paul's Cathedral, they just speak to me.  I did a post about them last year which gives some information about Britain's greatest living stone sculptor too, have a look here.  

I've been keeping my eye out to see if I could see any more of her work so I was thrilled when her representatives Bowman Sculptures had a collection of her work on display and this was THE reason for my recent trip to London. 

Starting with a huge unwieldy lump of rock - all types of rock with intrinsic natural patterns and features - she sees the sculpture within and reveals it to the viewer. We are lucky to be able to see not only the geological creation in its natural state with its own story of existence but also the beautiful, smooth human face carved in it by a human leaving 'a record of a relationship we humans have with our planet' as she says herself.

I was like a child in a sweet shop, going from one sculpture to the other and then, luckily for me, seven large heads had recently been installed 'round the back of Tate Modern'.

The first mosaic features the outdoor sculptures by the Tate.

The second shows some of the sculptures at Bowman Sculptures. It's difficult to get a sense of scale as some are larger than others but hopefully you can get an idea and if you zoom in you can see the beautiful patterns within the stone as well.

Some of the stone used: dolmitic limestone, ajuba stone, brecciated onyx, alabaster, lapis lazuli, montorsaio stone, onyx.

Nothing beats seeing the real thing of course.