Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Two Swans A-Nesting at The Park by the Shops


How lovely to see you.

This week only two swans were in the front lake at the park by the shops, three had disappeared. I wondered whether they had been shipped off somewhere or if they had just taken themselves off to a different lake, especially as one swan was busy making a nest. Nobody seemed to know though.

The Canada geese looked like they were daring each other to jump in!

The daffodils looked so pretty under the trees. Yes those yellow dots really are daffs!

The willow had turned quite yellow with the tiny leaves opening up.

Another rainbow danced around the fountain.

Magnolia buds were getting bigger.

Little blue anemones.

Indoors, the set for their production of Oliver was on display.

Another lovely walk in the park. 9494 steps



  1. Spring has sprung - and well done on the steps. x

  2. The daffodils look lovely under the trees and the magnolia will soon be in flower. The rainbow on the fountain is wonderful:)

  3. Ooh very springy, as I was outside earlier, I heard the geese overhead, they're back for the season. Magnolia looks lovely.

  4. Great amount of steps! It will be exciting to see if the swans produce some cygnets and how they get on won't it! xx

    1. Yes, I wonder how many there will be this year! x