Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Would You Like A Shave? At the P by the S.


We're back at the park by the shops today to see what's what.  Grey and 6°C but calm, there wasn't much evidence of Spring yet.

A seagull squawking on a post in the lake. We're nowhere near the sea!

Catkins dangling down.

Fluffy witch hazel and a few berries

The sun trying to break through the clouds in a puddle
 Inside the Arts Centre, the exhibitions had changed, even the cafe looked different with the normal white walls covered in patches of brick and wood as part of the Behind the Railings exhibition linking in to the Victorian times of Sweeny Todd the show on at the moment.

Set for Sweeny Todd - I've shown you this before!

In the Mirror Gallery, artwork by Martin Bright based on Variations on Reality. Real images are turned into abstract.

Transient Presences by Martin Bright oil on canvas

That's it for today. Have fun. Thanks for calling in.


  1. Love the Martin Bright painting. It would be great if you added a link to this post on Paint Monthly if you get a chance. B xx

  2. Wonderful scenes from the park - love the witch hazel and berries. So nice to have the revolving art exhibits there. x K

    1. There's always something going on there. x

  3. Love the park pics. Spring is hiding in there somewhere! x