Wednesday, 17 February 2016



I'm still backwards and forwards to the hospital, hopefully not for much longer! The patient is getting a bit fed up and wants to come home.

It's a light and airy place and the Entrance has a couple of cafes, a Royal Voluntary Service shop plus a secondhand bookshop. Have a browse while I dash to the ward.

They are able to donate around £40,000 to the Hospital each year paying for much needed equipment. Volunteers help with a trolley service offering patients refreshments and a friendly face while they recover. If you take a fancy to any of the books, there's an honesty box for you to leave £1 or so and you can just help yourself to the book.

Cheerio for now


  1. I do hope the patient is able to come home soon but in the meantime I hope there are some books that will help with the stay. Take care xx

  2. What a wonderful selection of books. I do hope the patient will be able to come home soon:)

  3. I hope the patient is soon able to go home. What a great job these Royal Voluntary Service personnel do paying for much needed equipment for our hospitals. The bookshop is a great idea. xx

  4. I hope that the patient will be alright and back home again before too much longer, hope you are OK too. There are some wonderful fundraising efforts going on aren't there! xx

  5. A good fundraising scheme which benefits the patients, visitors and hospital in general and the volunteers are invaluable in keeping it going. I hope the patient is soon able to come home.

  6. Oh I hope you patient is home soon, there is nothing worse than leaving a loved one at the hospital. I love book stalls like this, you never know what sort of gem you may find xx