Sunday, 31 January 2016

Eton Mainly


Thanks for joining me today and all the other days too!

I had a phone call the other day from a kind person who alerted me to the fact that Eton College was having a public open afternoon last Friday. Ooh I thought. Fantastic.

Eton is near Windsor, where the Castle is located.  It's also on the River Thames, which we followed and then crossed to reach our destination.

There were loads of swans, plastic and real.

You can see the bridge we crossed in the photo above. It divides Windsor and Eton.

It becomes a bit more olde worlde in Eton. There are a number of bespoke outfitters and unusual shops, which are owned by the College and rented out. The bridge below must have gone over a canal/river in the past as the depth gauge was still visible planted in the grass.

There in the distance is the College.

We were too early so we had to potter about a bit whilst the edge of Storm Gertrude whooshed about. Nippy!

I'll show you inside tomorrow.

What a big tease I am!



  1. Indeed, you are a tease! What a great opportunity to go inside. Looking forward to seeing this. Have a great Sunday x

  2. Lovely! Looking forward to the next instalment. Of course now I'm thinking of Eton Mess, strawberries and sunshine - not bad thoughts for a grey, cold day:)

  3. Yes you are! Eton was my teenage haunt for posh nights out with a boyfriend but I never went inside the college (just the wine bar!). Looking forward to tomorrow's post. x

  4. We used to visit Etonian and Windsor when I was a child. I loved the stretch of Thames there and particularly all the swans. I look forward to tomorrow's visit. Barbara X