Sunday, 31 January 2016

Eton Mainly


Thanks for joining me today and all the other days too!

I had a phone call the other day from a kind person who alerted me to the fact that Eton College was having a public open afternoon last Friday. Ooh I thought. Fantastic.

Eton is near Windsor, where the Castle is located.  It's also on the River Thames, which we followed and then crossed to reach our destination.

There were loads of swans, plastic and real.

You can see the bridge we crossed in the photo above. It divides Windsor and Eton.

It becomes a bit more olde worlde in Eton. There are a number of bespoke outfitters and unusual shops, which are owned by the College and rented out. The bridge below must have gone over a canal/river in the past as the depth gauge was still visible planted in the grass.

There in the distance is the College.

We were too early so we had to potter about a bit whilst the edge of Storm Gertrude whooshed about. Nippy!

I'll show you inside tomorrow.

What a big tease I am!


Saturday, 30 January 2016

Sun and Mud


Thursday was a great day for a walk by the lakes. This was the place I went to count the butterflies way back in July.

No butterflies were around of course but the birds were enjoying themselves. I still didn't see a kingfisher - one day! - and I didn't see a wigeon either. This is what I did see!

It was very muddy along the path, lucky I had my boots on!


Friday, 29 January 2016

Five on Friday - Needlework


How can it be Friday again? Nevertheless here we are joining in with Amy with another Five, hope your week has been Fab.

I know all you stitchers out there will appreciate all the hard work, time and wonderfulness employed in creating the five handmade masterpieces below. None of which have been made by me!

One  - Filet Lace Tablecloth

One of the earliest forms of lace making following on from the production of fishing nets, filet lace instructions were included in the first pattern books, even as early as 1587. Mary Queen of Scots enjoyed making filet lace and was an accomplished needle woman.  If you'd like to know more about the stitches, have a look at this website.

Two - Lace and Cross stitch

I love the colours of embroidery silks and the teeny, tiny cross stitches.

Three - Lace Edging

Worked on the edge of a white tablecloth, the lace makes it look extra special and makes the cloth hang nicely.

Four - Curtains

Here's a pair of hand made curtains, all hand knotted, must have taken ages.

Five - Embroidered Cloths

Fabulous colours on both, the second one is machine stitched.

If you are interested in needlework, you might be interested to know that the National Needlework Archive is held in Newbury Berkshire, somewhere I have yet to visit even though I believe they have a cafe which may or may not have cheese scones. Investigation needed.

Have a great week.


Thursday, 28 January 2016

Garden Update


Thanks for calling in, great to see you!

I gingerly stuck my nose out the door to look at the garden, it's frosty and bright today with the moon highlighted in the blue sky.  Could I find anything to show you this week? Not really!! Even the primulas have taken the toll of the weather or have been pecked by the birds.

Dashing back into the warmth, I found a gardening book.

Sorry about the woolly mess, daffodils in progress!

Here are the plants we are supposed to be enjoying in January and February and if you are keen to grow a few vegetables, there's a list with a few tips. You might need to zoom in to read it!

Have a good day.

Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Walnut Bread


Just popping by to recommend Sainsburys Taste the Difference walnut cob loaf.

Not a brilliant photo especially as we've already eaten half of it!

Sometimes you buy a fresh loaf and it's absolutely delicious but then the next day it starts to go all dry and doesn't taste so good. Sometimes you don't want to eat a whole loaf the day you bought it. This walnut cob tastes great on several days after purchase, I suppose it's the walnuts.

This website gives a lot of information about the nutritional benefits of eating walnuts which apparently contain a rich source of energy, antioxidants, minerals especially manganese and copper and vitamin E.

You may have noticed my penchant for coffee and walnut cake (as well as cheese scones!) and Len Goodman from Strictly Come Dancing is always going on about pickled walnuts (not something I would ever consider).

Sometimes a slice of bread is all that's required.


Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Interlopers at the Park

Hello hello!

What's this?

The swans are on the wrong lake at the Park by the Shops. How can this be? They are never on the lake with the fountain. How odd! Where are the cygnets?

It's a grey afternoon, we're waiting for the storm that deposited two feet of snow on Washington but are assured that it will only be rain for us. Nobody is sitting on the bench, it's getting rather dark and it's only 1:30.

The flower beds have been cleared apart from these wispy grasses masquerading as wigs.

A few primulas are hidden by the wall.

Across the road on the other lake . . . what's this? Five swans! The normal amount of swans in the right place! So where did the others come from?

Tyre prints in the mud. Let's go inside and see what's happening.

Cups ready for a party.

A film advertising the Media activities on offer. Not sure what's going on!

One Man Two Governors the next play on stage.

Some prints for sale.

That's it, till next time.

Thanks for popping in.