Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Mood Lighting at Christmas


Mr CKs mood lighting has given a new aspect to Christmas. The ornaments are silhouetted against the coloured lights looking rather magical.

Our two nativity sets are there. One that Mr CK whittled out of a branch for us and the other consists of wooden figures that should really be hung from the tree but I prefer to have them on the cupboard.

You can see Mary and Joseph with their donkey on the way to find an inn and in the other corner the shepherd and his sheep with the Angel. The Three Kings are on their way too but on another cupboard as they have further to go. Both Baby Jesus' are in the drawer until Christmas Day.

It's all good fun!



  1. Loving what the mood lighting has created. It looks so ethereal and magical

  2. I have yet to get out our nativity set, and I usually put the whole thing up at once, but I was planning to have ours travelling this year like yours, so now you have mentioned it I think that I will do it! The lights look great don't they! Clever Mr CK! xx

    1. It's quite good fun moving the figures around but there's always the thought that Baby Jesus might not arrive in the manger because someone has hidden Him! x