Thursday, 17 December 2015

And They're Off


Our Three Kings have started their long journey, following the star to Bethlehem.

He's gone back to get his present.

It's really busy here.

Hurry up camel

I wonder if they do bed and breakfast.

Camels aren't allowed on the beach.

Are you sure this is the right way?

It's this way.

Hello, hello

This looks a good place to stay.

You're walking too fast

What's the time? Are we nearly there yet?

Meanwhile, Mary and Joseph have spotted a rather nice inn, the lady has come out to meet them - well the sun is shining.

Not long now!

Thanks for calling in.
Bye for now


  1. Fantastic! I wonder where your baby Jesus is waiting! Hope that the Kings make it safely, they seem a bit disorganised so far, but you will guide them I am sure! xx

    1. He's in the drawer with the other one! x

  2. Ha, Ha - I hope those Kings make it in time. glad the sun is shining over the inn:)

    1. They usually do, unless they fall behind the cupboard :-)

  3. This is great but why are the camels not allowed on the beach? Ha! Fab xx