Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Mood Lighting the DIY Way


First of all, many thanks for your wonderful messages on my post yesterday, you are right it is a difficult time not helped by the delays in the moving process as the date has been put back and back again for eight months. January is the present target but I don't think I'll believe it until she's in and settled.

Now that the automatic watering system has been packed away for the year, Mr CK has been busy designing some mood lighting for us.

It all involves some programmable LEDs which I am told can display 16 million different colours. Having sorted out the software, the little bulbs and their connecting wiggly wires were distributed on top of the pelmet in the sitting room, duly switched on and allowed to cycle through the colours. Beautiful. However, a couple of hours later, a headache ensued.

The next phase involved all sorts of banging and drilling noises from behind the door. Finally, Mark II was revealed. The lights and wiggly wires had been secured in a purpose-built wooden box, just the right size to fit on the pelmet but only the glow of the lights was visible this time not the actual bulbs.  The software had been tweaked again to include a remote control so that we can either cycle through the colours or select one just right for the mood at the time,  I chose a pretty apricot one. Bliss. I popped out to get a drink and we were plunged into a scarlet haze. Oh oh. Mr CK didn't look angry though.

Then, with a flash of lightening, we decided that we could put the box behind the sideboard (!) and change the colour of the wall. Off to the garage, a bit more banging and a couple of supports appeared.

Time for the big switch on. Ta dah!

In real life the white light in the photo isn't really there, it's purely the colour selected but that won't come out in the photo unfortunately, but it's f-a-b-u-l-o-u-s!

Bye for now


  1. Mr CK is a very clever chap. How fab. x

  2. You really have a very clever husband don't you! You can have different colours now depending on the time of year! xx

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