Tuesday, 17 November 2015

It's That Park Again!


Thanks so much for dropping in!

I had to get a move on this morning as Barney is on the way, Storm Barney that is, close on the heels of Abigail, the first ever named storm by the MET Office. Still, it looked quite nice out of the window.

Can't believe another two weeks have shot by since I last went to the Park by the Shops, let's have a look at what's been going on.

Seagulls in the lake.

This is a reflection of a lifebuoy in a puddle, more likely to be needed in the lake than the puddle.

Leaves mainly down

New primulas planted

Grass still stripy

A giant's flipper - not really!

An old firework which has rocketed in.

Swans eating the grass

Grey heron spotting a snack

Lots of holly berries

Up on the hill, the Mum and baby exercise group were going through their paces.

Grey skies though still fairly warm

Egyptian geese

A granite ball with my shadow on!

Very annoyingly, I've missed this textile exhibition

Christmas has started

A little bit of past craziness!

The roadworks have moved round the corner so normal driving and parking can be resumed. As I pulled away from the shops, down came the rain. How lucky I was to be able to enjoy my walk.



  1. Barney is blowing well here at the moment! Have you see the bull that is pushing through the wall around the front of the building by the park by the shops? It is wonderful isn't it! xx

    1. I'm glad we're still in one piece this morning! Yes it's really good isn't with a little frog on top. The more I go there, the more I like it. x