Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Worcester River Walks


We're still mooching about in Worcester, well there's so much to see and do!  Apart from the River Severn which flows past the Cathedral, the Worcester to Birmingham Canal starts at Diglis a short hop from the City centre. One of our favourite pastimes was to walk along the River, do join us for a tootle.

Swan sanctuary plus seagulls in the Severn

Walking by the River past the Cathedral and the hotels, you soon arrive at Diglis and the start of the canal. The sign post says that there are 58 locks to navigate to get to Birmingham only 30 miles away.  We thought we had better investigate.

After the first lock, you arrive at Diglis basin where lots of narrowboats are moored.

We were now walking around the edge of the City .

This museum , The Commandery, is mainly dedicated to the three Civil Wars which took place between 1642 and 1651. The first and last battles took place in Worcester with much unrest spreading round the country. Under Charles I the building was used as a Royalist headquarters before he was beheaded for high treason. We didn't visit the museum, but the cafe was small but fabulous!

Having made it to lock 5, we decided that the next day we would retrace our steps  and walk in the other direction to get to Diglis bridge so that we could cross the River and walk along the other bank.

The new bridge had lots of padlocks on the wires, love tokens from lots of couples.

The other side of the bridge had an artwork to commemorate the Civil War battles that had taken place nearby.

The weir

Patches of wildflowers looked lovely along the path and must have been wonderful earlier in the year.  We passed the Cathedral and arrived back at the bridge by the swans.

Our circular route was most enjoyable and we were ready for a cup of coffee and decided to venture further up the canal for another amble the next day.



  1. I've enjoyed all your Worcester posts, we were there for a short break in August and visited lots of the places you have seen. It was great to see these places through your eyes and also to see some areas we didn't get round to in the short time we had there, I think another trip down that way is needed:)

    1. Glad you're enjoying them, you'll have to let me know if I get something wrong! We'll have to go back too. :-)

  2. I am really enjoying these posts. Thank you. x

  3. Looks as though you had a lovely explore! xx