Thursday, 22 October 2015

Up the Canal to Tardebigge


Thanks so much for popping in.

The Worcester to Birmingham canal has 58 locks!  That's a bit of a workout!  It takes about 5.5 hours to get through all the locks which help the narrowboats climb 428ft up the steep hill to Birmingham, the Venice of the UK.

The section of the canal near Bromsgrove has 30 locks within a two mile stretch.  Two boats were navigating the locks as we walked past, one behind the other, they weren't in a rush.  We joined the canal for our walk at lock 41, walked up to Tardebigge top lock at lock 58 and retraced out steps past 41 to Tardebigge bottom lock 29.  It's a beautiful walk in the countryside.  We could have done with a cup of coffee at lock 58 but there were no refreshments to be found.

Other places of interest on this canal that you could visit are Cadbury World, the chocolate crumb used to be transported along the canal, and the National Trust property of Hanbury Hall - apparently the village of Hanbury was the real life model for Ambridge from the Radio 4 soap The Archers.

I feel a bit locked out now!



  1. Brought back memories of our recent narrow boating along the Kennet and Avon. :-)

    1. I enjoyed your post about that. It was so peaceful walking alongside the canal. :-)

  2. You certainly have to be fit to do all that don't you! xx

    1. Definitely, all that hopping on and off the boat looks quite dangerous too. x