Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Swans and Trees


I started this post last week but got a bit carried away with all my Worcester posts so I'm posting it a bit later than I intended, however the weather has continued to be rather good.

It's been another glorious day at the park by the shops. There's nothing wildly different from my last visit to show you, the trees are mainly still green apart from the odd one or two stars, but it's great to enjoy the surroundings on such a glorious Autumn day.

The farm has now closed for the Winter, how I will miss all those wonderful fresh vegetables. Roll on May when it will open up again.

Our garden is all tidied up, as much as it can be with all the trees dropping their leaves.  Every now and then there will be a thud as another chestnut crashes onto the roof of the house.  All the chilli platforms have been stored in the garage with only a few chilli plants kept inside to over winter. We've still got one more bag of potatoes to harvest but all the peppers have been eaten and thoroughly enjoyed. The freezer is choc-a-bloc with pears.

We used to have an enormous oak tree in the front garden until the Council advised us it was diseased and as it was very close to the road, we had to have it cut down. The stump was left and every year it is covered in fungi of a large and juicy variety. Last week a new resident in the road asked why I wasn't eating them as they are highly prized where she comes from.  We are always urged to be careful when foraging for fungi in this country and I mainly do my foraging in Sainsburys, so I was concerned when she asked if she could take them to make soup.  I am pleased to report I have seen her since!



  1. Gosh, your neighbour is braver than I would be! We get various fungi in the grass here, but I would never eat one of them - even if someone told me it was fine! Sounds as though you have produced plenty of your own produce to see you through the winter without needing to rely on the mushrooms though! xx

  2. Wow! Next time you'll have ask her to make you a bowl!