Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Museum of Royal Worcester


We're still visiting Worcester on the blog at the moment.  If you'd like to see the other posts, click on the Worcester label above.

Today, we're off to the Museum of Royal Worcester.  Here's their website.

Situated on the site of the old Royal Worcester factory, the Museum has over 10,000 pieces of ceramics which you can view and find out about with the help of an audio recording.  We were lucky enough to see the Patron, Henry Sandon who is often on the Antiques Roadshow plus a demonstration of the most painstaking process of gold decoration.  We really enjoyed the 1950's black and white film showing the manufacturing process in those days and marvelled at the skill of the employees.

The above plates are still used in the Garter Ceremony but although they are placed on the table in front of the guests, they are swiftly removed when the first course is brought round.

These are porcelain teeth used as dentures which were very uncomfortable to wear. Zoom in on the red card above for more information.

This amazing vase was made by George Owen who painstakingly cut each tiny hexagonal hole into the vase.  There are over 5,300 holes.

Henry Sandon

A fascinating place to see the development of ceramics over the years.  Founded in 1751, the factory closed in 2009.



  1. There are some incredible pieces there! Such a shame that the factory closed down. xx