Monday, 5 October 2015

Keukenhof Gardens in Holland Mosaic Monday


Nice of you to call in.

Just as we are enjoying Autumn and all it's fabulous colours, now's the time to remember to plant some Spring bulbs.

We visited Keukenhof Gardens in The Netherlands at Easter time a few years ago and were flabbergasted by the colour. Here are a few photos. Their website boasts 7 million bulbs and 800 varieties of tulip will be on display in 2016!

Away from the the Gardens, the bulb fields are are just as colourful at that time of year.

I must dash off and buy some bulbs while I remember.

Many thanks to Judith at Lavender Cottage for providing the link up.

Bye for now!


  1. Beautiful!!!! It must be an amazing place to visit and to see so much colour all in one place at one time! xx

  2. This is a dream of mine to go to Holland t see the bulbs in bloom.

  3. Lovely, I bet it is an amazing place to visit. When I first lived in south Lincolnshire there used to be loads of tulip fields but they soon disappeared and even the gardens that used to highlight them is now a retail park, so it is good to see that this garden is still going strong:)

    1. What a shame. There used to be various festivals too I suppose they must have stopped too. :-)

  4. :) even good from above?