Friday, 30 October 2015

Five on Friday Halloween Special oooooooh!


We're heading for Halloween this week oooooh.  Here are my Five to put you in a spooooky frame of mind.  Thanks Amy for linking us all together, I'm sure there will be a lot of other strange goings on, do have a look.

One Pumpkins

We grew up making lanterns out of turnips/swedes but nowdays pumpkins seem to be the lantern du jour. They flood in to make a big display at this time of the year. I found a few around Mortimer when I went to visit their scarecrow trail this week.

Scary snail lantern!

These two were trying to out do each other.

Waiting their turn in the shop.

Twoooo Trees

Part of the orange-i-ness of Halloween comes from the trees, look at this lovely road.

Mind you, you never know what may be hiding in the trees.

Eek watch out!

Three Scary Scarecrows

Dotted all around Mortimer in Berkshire this week are 40 extremely well made scarecrows, this year based on a Disney theme. Here are three of the spookiest but I'll put some more on the blog tomorrow so you can admire the villagers' handiwork.

Four Creepy Spiders and Bats

The garden has its fair share of spiders webs at the moment, works of great artistry. We've also got some bats that swoop and glide around the rooftops in the half light. They are just too fast to photograph though.

A BBC pipistrelle bat

Five Trick or Treat

With Halloween Strictly Come Dancing on this Saturday, I am reminded of Claudia Winkleman's nightmare last year when her daughter's costume caught on fire while she was out Trick or Treating with her friends. She has worked with supermarkets to ensure that they follow the same rigorous testing of their dressing up clothes that they give to nightwear. Here's an article with more information. That's great news.

Thanks for dropping in and your messages.

Have a great time, see you soon.


  1. Booh! Great decorations, most I like the black witch...
    Oh yeah, spiders are really artists, I adore their works.
    Happy Halloween

  2. Love your post. I love the home made scarecrows, how creative. PS I want a Snail pumpkin at my door, have plenty of the real sluggy things out there, so why not! I love the natural nature of the spider webs in the garden, hope they stay in the garden though and not creep into our homes.

  3. Great five and super photos. Love the witchy scarecrows and the carved pumpkins. Yes we used to carve a swede or turnip too and more for Bonfire night than Halloween:)

  4. I love the pumpkins! Wishing you a Happy Halloween!

  5. Some great things on the scarecrow trail! They are a very inventive village aren't they! xx

    1. Definitely, it was great seeing all the Mums out with their children enjoying the spectacle.

  6. Love that snail pumpkin, so inventive :) the turnip/swedes must have been so much harder to carve than pumpkins though?

  7. Love that people make an effort. Fabulous. I too think about Claudia and applause her for making things hopefully better. Great post

  8. Wow those scarecrows are out of this world amazing!
    Love all the pumpkins!
    Have a fun weekend!

    1. I'm definitely going to look out for next year's scarecrow extravaganza!

  9. Great Halloween Five...loved the pumpkins and decorations!

  10. Oh Karen - I love your Halloween-y post!! So fun! Those scarecrows are amazing and I love the Disney theme! Such pretty trees yet too - ours are fading fast and lots of leaves gone already. ::sigh:: Time to look ahead to the next season.
    Blessings to you! xo

    1. Many thanks, the time soon flies - not long til Christmas now. :-)

  11. Oh these are great particularly love the snail and the pumpkin scarecrows.