Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Loseley Park Again!


The real reason for our day out via the Watts Gallery was to visit Loseley Park again. Way back in June I had a bit of a problem when I visited and had to return home, here's my post. So all sorts of tests and CT scans later, all normal, and here I am again but with Mr CK and the car as well. I was so hoping I wouldn't have another incident which would have been really embarrassing but thankfully all was well.

We had a tour round the house owned by the More-Molyneux family which had started life as a mediaeval house owned by the More family during the time of Henry VII and VIII.

The house was passed down through the generations and when Sir William More inherited it, Queen Elizabeth I was on the throne and dearly wanted to visit her friend William. However, when she found out Loseley Park was only a mediaeval house she said it just wasn't suitable for her to stay there.  He set about building the current house. Just as well, as when she did visit, several times, the family had to move out to the old house while she took over the new, bringing all her furniture with her plus her staff who camped on the lawn.

Notable items in the house are some rare paintings on canvas, which were painted by Antonio del Nunziato for Henry VIII's tents used for his revels probably for his marriage to Katherine Parr, which came from Nonsuch Palace.  As Nonsuch is no longer in existence, the paintings and trope l'oeil panelling are much admired as rare survivors of that magnificent palace.

There are some beautiful marquetry cabinets including a Wrangelshrank travelling cabinet from the 16th century.  An unusual painting of Anne Boleyn, wearing a pendant with A and H, painted shortly after her marriage, is in the drawing room, most other portraits show A B. Do have a look at the website to see some lovely photos as you can't take any when you visit.

A grand daughter of William More, Anne, married the poet John Dunne much against her father's wishes.

The house has stayed with the same family through the generations although when it passed to a daughter of the house, Margaret who was married to Thomas Molyneux, the family name became More-Molyneux from then on.

Lots of films have been made at Loseley. Miss Marple slept in the Queens room but instead of the embroidered coverlet usually on the bed, a knitted blanket was substituted!  The day before our visit, filming was in full swing for The Crown with Matt Smith and Claire Foy and coming out shortly is The Man who Knew Infinity starring Dev Patel and Jeremy Irons, where the house plays the part of a Cambridge College.

Some houses you visit you feel you could just move in and this was one of them although I am sure the family would much rather that I didn't!

The garden is splendid, perfect for photos especially wedding photos - it is also a wedding venue.

Tomorrow I'll show you the garden again as there are different flowers out compared  to my visit in June.

Bye for now.


  1. I am so glad to hear that you are all well and that you were able to make a return visit. I remember when you tried before, it is good that Mr CK could come too. It sounds like a really interesting place to visit with lots of things to see and find out about! Glad you enjoyed it! xx

    1. Many thanks. I'm sure you would enjoy it there too. x

  2. A very beautiful and historic place. I like the story about the Queen coming to visit and bringing all her furniture! I had to review the history of Anne Boleyn again to refresh my memory. My goodness, the poor thing.....she was very lovely. Glad that you are checked out to be in good health. It must have been quite a scare for you and your family. Looking forward to seeing the gardens. x Karen

    1. Thanks for your message and kind words. These old houses have such stories to tell. x