Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Garden Goings On

Hello and welcome

I was just hoping you would call in!

The garden is starting to shut down for autumn but there are still a few colourful bits around. Most of the chilli plants are now in the house or the peppers have been eaten. The tomatoes have been turned into chutney. We didn't really have many. The basil and mint didn't do anything but we do have another bag of potatoes to dig through.

The produce has done a lot better than we thought it would in the end but it hasn't been a good year, has it. Too chilly especially for the chillies!  Still, there's always next year . . .

Bye for now


  1. It has been cold this year hasn't it, I'm glad you had some nice harvests though x

  2. There is still quite a bit of colour in the garden isn't there? It has been am odd year though and not quite warm enough to ripen a lot of the garden produce - we have lots of potatoes though:)

    1. It's so exciting unearthing them. Thanks for all your messages I'm a bit behind replying but I always read them straight away. :-)