Saturday, 15 August 2015

On the Bus Again


I've been back on the bus to Windsor. Here's my post from May.

I read in the local free paper that the major local bus company is withdrawing their services from the end of the month and there seems to be a messy sorting out going on with various other bus companies to be able to provide the routes from September onwards. It just doesn't seem viable to run the buses. Meanwhile the traffic continues to increase, queues of cars form along all the roads, people getting frustrated, fuming, always in a rush.

Something has gone badly wrong.

Making the most of the bus service, I whizzed along on the bus back past Legoland where streams of families swarmed up the road. Cars crowded the car park to bursting point. Millions of pounds would be spent today. 

I managed a better shot of the hotel out of the window.

The Lego men were still trying to collect all the letters together to spell Welcome on the spine road to the entrance.

The deer family had taken over the roundabout.

I knew I was on my way to Windsor and eventually landed in the High Street already gasping for a coffee.

Time to put the kettle on.

See you tomorrow.