Monday, 3 August 2015

Mosaic Monday - River Wey


Welcome to Mosaic Monday! Many thanks to Judith at Lavender Cottage for providing the link-up, do have a look at all the other mosaics.

I couldn't resist a mooch by the River Wey on such a glorious day.

The author of Robinson Crusoe, Daniel Defoe, was also a travel writer and wrote a book called Tour Through the Whole of the Island of Great Britain in around 1724/7.

He visited the Wey valley reporting on the transportation of a great amount of timber from Hampshire and West Sussex to London using the river and it's navigation's.

He had also attended Rev James Fisher's boarding school in nearby Dorking.

I wonder if the river I walked next to today sparked his imagination and contributed to his many books.

It is certainly a beautiful place.

Thanks for calling in.


  1. a very pretty place. thank you for sharing this information.

  2. What a beautiful walk. I would think it could inspire many of us but especially a writer.

  3. Hello, lovely scenes from your walk. The river and the flowers look lovely. Beautiful mosaic! Happy Monday and a great new week ahead!

  4. What a lovely mosaic! Thank you for sharing the literary trivia!

  5. Robinson Crusoe certainly sparked my imagination as a young reader and the info about Defoe is interesting.
    A lovely place for a walk.
    Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday.

  6. My goodness I wonder if the book of the whole of the British isles is very large! xx

    1. Ha ha, no doubt Great Britain was a lot smaller in those days. x