Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Breezing round the Park


How are you today? Full of beans and raring to go, I hope!

I'm going to give you a break from my posts about Guildford today, although I still have a couple of things to mention from my look around the town. I will also have to return on two more occasions as the heritage centre has cleverly organised it's venues to open on different days of the week ensuring visitors spend more time in the town paying for extra cups of coffee and tasty snacks. There is a workhouse and an undercroft left to explore.

Anyway, I've had to get some more shopping so let's have a look at the action in the Park this week. Here are my previous posts on my trips round this wonderful ever-changing place near the shops.

9 am and the moon is still about.

The rowan berries are a bright red now compared to last time.

The magnolia grandiflora (thanks Amy for putting me right) looks like it has a small candle growing in the centre.

Bees are buzzing

Berries changing from red to black

Red hot dahlia with a spot of bee action

The cygnets are decidedly scruffy, their feathers are changing

As I walked by, two young fishermen were just preparing to return this carp back to the lake.

There are the gates, cheerio Park, time to go to the shops!
What a lovely walk.

Thanks for joining me.

Bye for now.

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  1. Your cornus is in fact a magnolia grandiflora, which I only know because I love seeing magnolias when we go round gardens so I look out for them! I am odd I realise! Thought you might like to know. It is beautiful though, whatever it is called isn't it! xx