Saturday, 4 July 2015

The Outback

Good afternoon! Or is it evening? It could be tomorrow even, I just don't know!!

Whatever it is, I hope all is well with you and thanks for dropping by.

There comes a time when you've just got to forget the tennis is on and get outside for some fresh air. Well done Heather Watson though what a fantastic effort against Serena Williams, you nearly did it.

Anyway, over the fence at the back, the heath stretches out.  We've been there before in May.

We haven't had much rain so the bog is much less boggy, more dried up. This is what we found as we had a lovely mooch around.

Looks like there's been a fire

Heather especially for Heather



Seed pods on the broom

We were ready for a nice cup of tea when we got back . . . perhaps we'd better put the TV on as Andy Murray's on soon!

Bye for now


  1. All of this I your backyard? You lucky lady. Our house backs onto 10 more just like mine. We have the biggest yard on the street but it is far from "natural" or private! That heather is just so pretty. Does it have a scent too?

    1. We are very lucky. The heather will be flowering all over the area a bit later in the year, there isn't much scent though. :-)

  2. Thank you for the lovely walk! I'm sure there are many wildlife sightings at the bog. I enjoyed the views. - Karen

    1. All the wildlife was hiding this time, even the cows! :-)