Sunday, 26 July 2015

Strolling by the River on a Sunday Afternoon


Sun's out today, yay!

Time for a mooch.

The river path meanders along through the woodland. The brambles are a hive of activity with insects and butterflies busying about, there's a hum in the air. Nettles stretch up to shoulder height along the bank. No sign of any kingfishers today, pity, I'd love to see one and in fact did catch a glimpse of some bright blue tail feathers when I was here before.

Look at this enormous bud just opening up. I wonder what's inside?

Seeds are forming everywhere, it's so warm, the grasshoppers are creaking all over.

The path brings me to an activity lake, boats and boards piled up waiting their turn.

There aren't many people in the water today. Having only heard about fly boarding the other day from Cathy, here's a chap having a lesson. What a coincidence!

I've got a few butterflies to show you next time.

Bye for now!


  1. You've got better weather than us today - it's bucketing with rain here! A beautiful walk, and how funny that you've spotted a flyboarder only a week after me! Did you see how high they go? Apparently up to 50 feet! It does look fun, though (if you've a head for heights). I managed to photograph a butterfly yesterday too - looking forward to seeing yours :)
    Cathy x

    1. The chap I saw was nowhere near as good as yours, he kept falling in but you've got to start somewhere! x

  2. You are just making me jealous! It's been pouring with rain all day in Shropshire, it's so dark that we need the lights on and so cold that I am wearing a vest underneath and a shawl on top! I am glad that some people are having "summer" and look forward to the flutterbys. x

    1. It has rather taken a nosedive but there is a tiny patch of blue outside this morning so fingers crossed for later. x

  3. Another lovely walk you have taken us on! xx