Saturday, 11 July 2015

Bunting Fun


There's something so cheerful about bunting.  Especially when it's waving about in the breeze.

The local craft centre was buzzing with shoppers and coffee drinkers when I popped in for some buttons for the C........... (I'm not allowed to mention the word too often!) Wreath I'm making.

Maybe I should make some.

Have fun.


  1. You should make some!!! Some for now and some for the C word that you are not mentioning!! xx

  2. I totally agree, bunting is so much fun, you really should make some!

  3. Yes bunting is a lot of fun, it brings happy memories too! I'm making for Christmas - some people don't understand. Hope you have a lovely week x

  4. Yes, definitely make some! I've made summery floral, stripey and spotty bunting for the house, garden and shed (and have now been banned from putting up any more). Trying to think of where I sneak some more in without it being noticed :)
    Cathy x

  5. Yes, you should...and thank you for your restraint! x