Friday, 8 May 2015

Sports - Five on Friday

Welcome to this week's Five on Friday.  As always do visit Amy of Love Made My Home to see her post and those of others that have joined in.

I thought I would go with a sporting theme this week.

Firstly, I'll mention the Olympics.  How can it be just one year to go until Rio 2016?  I love watching the Olympics and can find myself desperate to find out who has won the boxing or whether there is a new record for the swimming when normally these things just pass me by.  The atmosphere around the 2012 Olympics and Paralympics was fantastic, an incredible experience.  Even without the actual sports, the Olympic stadium was a glorious sight.  I must get back to the Queen Elizabeth II Park to see if it is still the same.  The flowers were terrific.

A real surprise to see so many flowers.
So many cornflowers!

Secondly, there is Wimbledon.  I've been lucky enough to go to Wimbledon to watch the tennis several times, sometimes with an advance ticket and other times by joining the queue.  Last time though, the queue was just E-N-O-R-M-O-U-S and that was the end of that!  Again, it is just a great experience being able to potter between the outside courts and see the greats on their way to the top. Perhaps take your own strawberries with you . . .

Last time I visited Wimbledon I forgot my camera, I was mortified.
I am peering inside the gate to get a glimpse of the scoreboard as the queue was far too long!

Thirdly, there's Ladies Day at Ascot.  I've never been.  But a friend hosted Ladies Day at Ascot at her house (the horse races were on the TV!) There we were in our finery complete with hats and race cards and a fantastic picnic and without the travel!  Fantastic. Such a lot of fun.

Fourthly, walking.  See my favourite walks under the Walks label above.

Here is a beautiful wander in Winchester, not in my walks above!

Finally, there is rowing at Henley.  There is an interesting River and Rowing Museum in Henley. Have a look at the website here. At the time I visited, there was a John Piper exhibition, paintings not stained glass and there's a delightful Wind in the Willows exhibition.  So it's not just rowing and boats!

That's my sporting round up for this week!  So glad you could pop in.

Thanks for all your previous comments.

Bye for now x


  1. How wonderful. I have never been to Wimbledon Tennis and would love to go one day. My friend is Martina Hingis's cousin. I should really try and pull some strings there (excuse the pun!). Those flowers at olympic park are really pretty.

  2. I would love a trip to Wimbledon, maybe one day...

  3. I had totally forgotten about all the flowers at the Olympic park, but they really were wonderful, I was surprised too. Love Wimbledon, have not been for some years now, but used to go every year, a must on the sports calendar. Lovely '5' post x

  4. Wonderful sporting moments!! I hope that this year you can get into Wimbledon if you are going. The flowers at the Olympic Park are beautiful aren't they, such a good way to fill a large space and so good for the environment too - doubly good!! Thank you so much as always for joining in. I hope that you have a good weekend. xx

  5. What a great five! Those flowers at the Olympic park are gorgeous. Thanks for visiting me!

  6. Used to watch Wimbledon avidly until a few years ago and I somehow didn't get back into it - now I don't recognise many of the players at all. The flowers at the Olympic park look wonderful and I do enjoy walking when I can:)

  7. Hello, Karen! A lovely post!
    We enjoyed very much watching the 2012 Olympic Games, so well organized, and I still giggle when I think of the comedy series "Twenty Twelve". (How can you in Britain have wonderful actors for every production?) The flowers at the Olympic Park look gorgeous.
    As to Wimbledon, I have been glued to the TV during the tournament since I was a child... Great photos!