Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Sing a Song of Cygnets

Those of you regular readers (!) will no doubt remember my Parklife Five on Friday post and here we are two weeks on, in the same place, looking for the new kids on the block.

Yellow roses now open and ready for bee business

Rather nice colour leaves unfolding on this tree.

A few wildflowers mixing in together

Rock roses

Good old gunnera by the lake

A clump of clover

Bog Iris with one of the baby moorhens mooching about.

A coot enjoying the grass
The swan's eggs have hatched and there are now three cygnets swimming about with their parents

and a metal frog sitting on a metal bull.
That's all for now folks!

Thanks for calling in.


  1. Just beautiful!! I love the rock roses, they are such pretty flowers I think!! xx

    1. Thanks Amy, they are just like fried eggs! x