Thursday, 21 May 2015

Bus Fare

I've been on a bus today. I don't usually do that. I used to spend an hour each way on a bus to school but that was donkey's years ago. We'd rattle along having a chat or doing our homework. Then coming home we'd try and get the earlier bus if we could, hang about at the bus stop come rain, snow or shine. With buses every hour, we didn't want to miss it. They would sometimes break down and then we would catch a different one on a different route and change to another and edge along getting closer and closer to home. I even fell off the bus once as my woolly gloves slipped off the shiny bar and I carried straight on as the bus turned the corner just before my stop. Ouch!

Today though, I was impressed by the courteous passengers all thanking the driver as they got off, people moving seats to accommodate mums with toddlers and pushchairs and the general light hearted chat that abounded. I could have spent all day on the bus with my £6.30 rover ticket but I managed 30 miles for the price of a parking ticket and didn't have to worry about driving. I've saved a little bit of the planet by keeping the car in the garage. I had Alison Weir's The Marriage Game with me for company, it's all about Queen Elizabeth I and Robert Dudley, maybe I might find out a bit more about Lettice Knollys, his second wife.

I took a few photos out of the window along the way, see if you can guess where I've been!  I'll tell you more on Saturday.


  1. Ah ha, I am pretty sure I know where you have been! Hope that you had a great time and enjoyed it as much as the bus ride!! xx

  2. Intriguing - are those lego people up the top there? If so, I think I can guess! Judy.