Saturday, 16 May 2015

Guildford Cathedral

This week I have mainly been . . .  in Guildford!

Now I am writing this blog, I have started looking at those places that I have visited a thousand times in a new touristy way and realise that there are a few interesting buildings that I have taken for granted and never been inside.  So instead of dashing round the shops, I made a beeline to the Cathedral.  As the train approaches Guildford, the railway curves round the hill containing the University and Cathedral which peer down at the town from above when the train arrives at the station.   When you walk up to Stag Hill through the houses and shops and look back over the town, there is a great view of the landscape below, almost a toy town stretches out.

The Anglican Cathedral, designed by Sir Edward Maufe, was commenced in 1936 and consecrated in 1961.  The brickwork is made from clay taken from the hill it stands on.

The Angel on the top of the 160 ft tower is in memory of Sgt. Reginald Adgey-Edgar of the Intelligence Corps.

View back to the town

Ceiling of the Lady Chapel

A beautiful embroidered memorial to F. Charleston who died at Ypres in 1915 made by his sister who worked for William Morris. 

Most of the windows in the Cathedral are clear with a small decoration at the bottom, but this one was donated by the Council and was made by Mark Angus

Side Aisle showing how light and airy the Cathedral is.  The interior is made from Somerset limestone with white marble floors.

Nave with stained glass circular window at the end

Zoomed in Holy Spirit Window by Moira Forsyth

Baptistry Font

Engraved windows by John Hutton

The large wooden cross was made from timber from HMS Ganges

A squirrel sunbathing on a bench!
There is a cafe in the Refectory, but I didn't go in, as there were other places to zoom off to!

Back down the hill and into the town, next time I'll show you are few other places of interest.

Bye for now!

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